Patient Experience

Our patients are our number one priority. Our main focus is to give our patients amazing treatment and fast recovery.

Fast Recovery Times

We pride ourselves in fast recovery methods. Most musculoskeletal injuries resolved in an average of 3-6 visits.

Reduce the Variables

Consistency with manual therapy and active therapeutic exercises.


How are we different?

What really separates STISOL from traditional chiropractic in the patient care setting, isn’t what we are doing, but rather how we are doing it. Our commitment to quality patient care, and a dedicated emphasis on evidence-based medicine allows us to achieve consistent and long-term results for our patients in fewer visits (Most Injuries are resolved in an average of 3-6 visits) than compared to long term treatment plans.

What is Stisol?

STISOL is a results-based healthcare practice that places primary focus on a Patient Experience that is second to none. Our mission is set on resolving musculoskeletal injuries by administering an exceptional hands-on soft tissue treatment that is both safe and effective, and then immediately inducing mobilization and stabilization by means of active therapeutic exercises.

Always there to care.

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STISOL's Patient Principles