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Osgood-Schlatter is a disease diagnosed when adolescents are experiencing a growth spurt during the puberty stage. It is common among children who are athletes. Physical activity and/or sports that include jumping, running, dancing, skating can increase the risk diagnoses in children experiencing puberty.


Athletes who are involved with sports such as soccer, basketball, football, etc. may be more susceptible to Osgood-Schlatter disease considering the physical nature. Osgood-Schlatter disease is more commonly prevalent in adolescent boys, ages ranging between pre-teen years to fifteen years old.


Children may experience knee pain and tenderness right below the kneecap (tibial tubercle). They may also experience swelling of the tibial tubercle, or tight quadriceps muscles. Whenever pressure is applied to the effected area, or the child is physically active, he/she may experience moderate pain.


While recovering, the child should cease all intense physical activity. To assist with achiness and inflammation, try over the counter pain relievers and/or stretching.

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