Sever’s Disease

Dr. Jeb Cormier


Sever’s Disease, also known as Calcaneal Apophysitis, is the result of an adolescent’s growth plate in the heel of the foot is growing faster than the tendons and ligaments in the foot. This condition causes pain in the heel and can be worsened by repetitive stress to the heel.


Children experiencing their growth spurt are commonly diagnosed with sever’s disease. During the early stages of puberty, the calcaneus can grow more rapidly than the muscles and tendons in your leg. Swelling and discomfort is the end result of this. Sever’s disease is more common amongst children who play sports that involve large amounts of running and jumping.


Symptoms can start with irritation and stiffness in the early mornings. A child may experience difficult walking. Clear sign can be a child walking more on the balls of their feet, as well as inflammation and redness.


The best treatment for Sever’s disease would be to rest and decrease any physical activity that includes intense running or jumping. Over the counter pain relievers can assist with achiness. Using ice packs periodically can reduce swelling.

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